Meringue Sugar Cookies with Jam

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These are simple sugar cookies, covered with more sugary meringue and dosed with a layer of sticky, chewy jam. With a tease of red, these cookies are dressed enough for Christmas and goodness, they’ll glam in any other event. You may want to park them a shelf higher, as they tend to get lots of stares from the little ones, who poke and pick them.

Meringue Sugar Cookies with Jam on a table

A word of caution – it does take a while to bake these, so you might want to kill time by sweeping floors, painting nails… or scrolling Mom’s Dish for more ideas. Keep in mind that these cookies are made to look delicate, so try not to make them too large in size.

Meringue Sugar Cookies with Jam all in one pile

As for the cookie cutters, I’ve used the Progressive biscuit cutters, which you can find at your local department store. The variety of size options are amazing and also came in handy with Peirogis.

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