How to Make Chips at Home

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A friend shared this recipe with me and I have been holding on to this one for a while, just so you can appreciate it for the Super Bowl! Truth is, I know nothing about sports, but come on, I am form Seattle and Seahawks are going to the big game. So, this Sunday will be the first time I will watch a game and be screaming for Seahawks and at the same time be very clueless to why I am screaming, lol…

Chips in a bowl

Well, speaking of the chips, these are kinda healthy. Not fried, but baked and you get to choose what tortillas you want to turn into chips. It works well with corn, white or wheat tortillas. We definitely keep a stock of them around the house for some healthy snacking with Fresh Guacamole.

Serve Homemade Chips With:


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